Enjoy a higher quality of life with a thoughtful renovation project

Wake up every day in your dream home and live a more creative and organized family life.

Is maintaining your older home beginning to drag on you?

Are you tired of feeling like your house is stuck in the 70s or 80s?

Builder-quality original materials are not made to last decades. Your house might be starting to look shabby: your electric flickering, plumbing dripping, or your finished surfaces are worn and tired looking. And you are getting tired of it.

We believe you deserve to be happy and comfortable in your home, and that it is wrong to suffer with deteriorating, old workmanship.

At Billingham Built we know you want to feel proud of your home and its appearance and live comfortably within it.

We understand your struggle. You need a home that is built around your family’s specific needs. That is why we build thoughtful renovation projects that reflect your personality and taste.

Here’s how we work:

STEP 1: The Detective Work

We identify the scope of your project, zeroing in on your specific lifestyle needs and potential solutions.

STEP 2: The Path Forward

Then we design a path to a custom solution with a thorough 25-step analysis of your project needs.

STEP 3: Your Renovation Project Ready to Go

We identify all costs to create a detailed contract, ready to go to work, with a guaranteed price, schedules, and project specs.

Billingham Built: Remodelers With Deep Experience

Award-winning Master Certified Remodeler, Joe Billingham strives to meet your ideas, needs, and budget with the best design and building practices. Joe possesses five decades of experience in all types of construction, drawing from a deep well of practical knowledge that few else have. Find our more about us

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