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Our approach to estimating may be a little different than some, but time has shown us that the more thorough the estimate process is the easier the project runs and, in the end, the more enjoyable the results.

Testimonial photo 2Our first meeting is to evaluate the needs of the job. At this first free meeting we will expand upon the information you have given us, take photos and make a general evaluation of the existing conditions at the site. We will take this information and attempt to put a budget range on the scope of your project. Remember, each remodeling job is different. We will use costs at similar jobs to determine preliminary budgeting ranges.

We do a negotiated bid contract. This is a positive interaction between homeowner; contractor and designers necessary to develop an estimate that will provide a cost guarantee for the task defined by the construction documents, prints and specifications. Our prices and costs are developed in an estimate that might include 25 or more divisions of labor and materials. Each of these divisions will be defined in the proposal. Our task is to offer possibilities of cost differentials for materials and labor. Discuss them with you so you can make choices that will accomplish your end results within your budget. Our estimate pricing will be guaranteed unless you make changes. For this design development we will have a non-refundable retainer that will be credited to the overall costs of the job.


You do not have Drawings/Prints

Kitchen 3 98061. Design Build Development I:
You come to us with your needs: new home, addition, kitchen and bath, whole house remodel. We establish budgeting parameters. We have a Design Build Development I contract. For remodeling this contract will develop “as is” drawings, new design options, and cost budgeting. We usually do design to include two possibilities to solve your particular needs. The design would include: floor plans, elevations and section views to describe the job. We refine the job through meetings with you to determine which makes the best solution.

2. Design Build Development II
From your design choice and budgeting range we move forward with this contract to develop “working drawings”. These drawings set up the specs and exacting descriptions of everything needed to build the job. With these we can develop exact pricing for the building project. Pricing could include 25 task divisions. With the working drawings this price will be guaranteed unless change orders take place while in construction. These drawings are also needed for permitting. Now we are ready to build.

You have Drawings/Prints

You already have prints prepared and are asking us to bid the job. Initially we would give you preliminary budgeting costs from similar jobs we have within our files. If this is within your budget range, we would create a contract with you to develop exact pricing for the building project. We refine the job through meetings with you to determine material choices and methods that will affect function and costing. This price will be guaranteed unless change orders take place while in construction. Now we are ready to build.

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