About Billingham Built: Bucks County Contractor

Homeowners often feel harassed and tired by the state of their aging homes that no longer fit their needs.

At Billingham Built we construct quality renovation projects that solves families’ lifestyle requirements on budget, on time and with impressive results.

Clients who hire us get to wake up every day in their dream homes, live more organized, and create more memorable family moments.

At Billingham Built, we understand your struggles with your need to keep your home current for your family’s present needs.

With over 50 years of hands-on construction experience working on both sides of the Delaware River valley, we have worked with clients who felt strained by their out-of-date homes and have helped them realize their dream home, increasing their sense of possibility and freedom.

Meeting Your Needs Right Where You Live

• You will be getting back to normal in no time
We work with high attention to cleanliness, attention to dust control, work area isolation, and the use of HEPA vacuums.
• You will make healthier choices and experience energy savings
We educate you in green building techniques that might affect your renovation regarding:
– Insulation
– Lead safe techniques
– Use of non-VOC products and methods
– Elimination of mold and mildew; control of moisture

• Your family will be taken care of by our capable, educated workers
All our employees follow a code of ethics, are certified, and stay current on their profession through continuing education.
• You will feel proud of your home and its appearance, confident your job was done well
Isn’t this what you came for? A beautiful renovation project that was exactly what you wanted.

Joe Billingham: Master Certified Remodeler

Award-winning Master Certified Remodeler, Joe Billingham strives to meet your ideas, needs, and budget with the best design and building practices. Joe possesses five decades of experience in all types of construction, drawing from a deep well of practical knowledge that few else have.

Joe maintains the following certifications:

Joe strives to meet his client’s ideas, needs, and budget with the best design and building practices — all to deliver a high quality final product. Clients are involved in all steps of the process: from the initial input session, through design creation, revision, and finalization. Joe is committed to developing a positive business relationship by remaining accessible — and responsive — throughout the entire construction process.

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